Desk Buying Guide – Consider These Aspects When You Go Out To Buy A New Desk

Nowadays, desks come in wide variety of categories, ranging from traditonal wooden models to high tech steel and glass design. A great desk is a piece of furniture that can be used for many activities, ranging from office work, school work and hobby to many more. It is very important to buy a model that has appealing look and meets all your requirements.
You will encounter limitless options when you venture out or research online for purchasing a desk. Each material, finish and style gives a unique appeal to the room. In this article, we would like to help you select the perfect furniture among the huge varieties of style, function and design.


These days, desk comes in four types of materials:

• Wood
If you are looking for a traditional or a vintage look that simply looks classy then wood will be the perfect choice for you. The price of wood increases every year and thus it makes an important investment which when sold gives you a good sale value. However, solid wood as well as wood veneer also demands special care.

• Glass
Glass furniture adds an aesthetic appeal and high-end style to the office. Make sure the type of glass you are using is robust and suits your purpose. Keeping a glass surface clean and scratch-fee is a difficult task. Take note of the fact that thin glass is much more prone to breakage than thick glasses. You can look for sturdy and safe alternatives for office furniture which is used on a daily basis. Tempered glass is one such variety that not only looks great but also gives you long term benefits.

• Steel
Steel requires low maintenance and provides unmatched storage, professional look and durability at an affordable price. Steel is an easily available material that comes in different varieties with varying price range to suit everyone’s budget.

• Laminate
Laminate is a method that puts multiple layers of material to enhance the strength. Available in numerous colors and designs, laminate furniture has become a popular way to furnish office and administrative settings.

Keeping sufficient space in the front as well back side of the desk helps a person to sit down comfortably and enables him to move his legs around freely. It is important to have a table with ample space and at correct height to keep your spine and legs healthy.


• For Educational Institutions
Desk suitable for educational institutes comes in various styles with proper storage racks to keep material such as grades and teacher’s reference copy. Corner desks are also suitable to store devices like projectors, computers, printer, scanner, etc. that are used by a teacher or professor in any educational institution.

• For Executives
Executives demand more workspace than an average employee. Different shapes and colored metal frames, laminates, and veneers ensure that the executive furniture complements the design and layout of an executive office.

• For Office Use
Office style desk has numerous drawers, shelves and hutches to accommodate a diverse range of official documents, stationary, etc. in safe and organized manner. It comprises of mainly two desks, a middle table and a straight wall table.


A desk not only provides a unique touch to your room but also provides comfort and storage space in form of multiple drawers, cabinets and shelves for vertical storage of items. The rich appeal of such furniture makes them the first choice by many people in designing an entire office suite.

You can also customize the storage space in many models. Selection of a right material, design and style plays an important role in choosing of best furniture. List your requirements and then find the perfect suitable desk.

Alera Ravino High-back Big And Tall Series Leather Chair To Keep Your Office Stylish

A boss should feel like a boss. Your office should reflect the attitude which keeps you going. To truly make your office a symbol of respect, you need good furniture in it. A leather furniture adds stars to the crown you hold so dear. A leather chair tall like your status and sturdy like your attitude would reflect on your personality and becomes a symbol of your strength. Alera Ravino is known to make the best quality sitting furniture for all your needs.


It is heavy, sturdy and made of the metal frame. The minimum use of plastics and maximum use of metal makes it look premium. It will surely put all other chairs to shame.

It is a very tall and big office chair which can hold a weight of around 450 pounds. It can be adjusted to suit the requirements of taller and shorter people. It has height adjustment feature that can be set high enough to accommodate the legs of taller people, thus they don’t need to bend their ankles while sitting. This ensures that there is no pressure on your ankles, and you don’t feel leg or back pain even after prolonged sitting.


• Premium leather cushion pillow seat to give you ultimate comfort.
• Premium leather back that ensures that your back remains healthy, and you never experience back pains while working for long sitting hours.
• Padded arms with open loop ends will give your hands the ultimate experience. These padded arms are much better than the traditional plastic arms used in other equipment. It also ensures that your arms and hands do not touch the cold metal.
• An air mesh back provided in this will let the air flow through so that your body can feel relaxed and rejuvenated while using this equipment.
• It has the best quality chrome plated base to give proper support.
• You can tilt it to any desired angle to suit your requirements. The knobs provided under the seat can be used to easily tilt the seat to your desired angle and lock the position for further use.
• The swivel feature can be used very easily.


• Though this has been built with utmost importance to quality, its users have complaints about the inferior quality of brackets being used in the chair. This leads to cracks under the metal frame of the seat.
• It takes around 20-25 minutes for this chair to assemble. Compared to the plastic chairs that are ready to use, some people may find this time as being wasted. Although this is just one-time setup, so this is not such a big setback.
• People also complain sometimes that the chair is tilted to one side. Though this may not necessary mean a manufacturing defect, it may be due to rough usage.

Final Verdict

Despite all its cons, this premium leather chair by Alera Ravino is the best product available in its class today. It offers superior build quality and premium comfort experience. It will make your office look very professional. It is simplistic, yet powerful design will surely motivate you towards success.

Holding the reputation of being the tank of the sitting furtinure, Alera Ravino leather chairs are a must buy for any office. If you are over 250 pounds and need a sturdy, stylish and very comfortable chair then this is the thing for you. The company also provides excellent customer support and easy return options to its customers.